Four years ago, Jonathan Trivers and his wife, Karen, were retired and living in Paradise, California. Not accustomed to sitting still for very long, they started looking for new ways to give back to their community. They landed on helping fight the hunger epidemic.  Deciding that there was plenty of food in their small town to feed the underprivileged people, they focused on figuring out how to get the excess food to those people who needed it.  With that goal in mind, they started A Simple Gesture.  Their grassroots effort has grown exponentially since its inception and they have helped other towns across the country start their own chapter of this surprisingly simple, yet helpful nonprofit organization.

Greensboro Founder, Bob Biggerstaff.

Greensboro Founder, Bob Biggerstaff.

The community at Westminster Presbyterian Church here in Greensboro discovered this outreach program and decided to jump on board, making local food pantries, such as BackPack Beginnings, the beneficiary of their efforts. “We are a volunteer-driven organization that aspires to make a difference in alleviating hunger in Greensboro and Guilford County,” says church member, Bob Biggerstaff, Founder of A Simple Gesture- Greensboro.

How easy is it?  You won’t even believe it.  When you sign up with A Simple Gesture, they provide you a cool green bag with a pick-up date attached to it.  Buy one or two extra non-perishables on your weekly grocery trip and drop the food in your green bag.  Leave the bag on your porch on the specified pick-up date and volunteer drivers will come pick up your bag, leave you another one and deliver the full bag to the food pantries.

Giving back to those less fortunate has never been so easy.  BPB is so thankful for the volunteers at Westminster who led the charge to bring this organization to Greensboro and is excited about how it will help supplement the BPB food pantries, allowing us to feed even more impoverished children in our community.


Written by Courtney Murphy on 10/21/2015