Honor Cards Are a Great Gift to Give While Helping Children in Need

Our honor cards are available year-round at our warehouse for a minimum donation of $5 each.  What better way to show you care than to honor others by making a gift to those less fortunate?

                                                 front of card


You have helped a child in need.

A donation has been made to BackPack Beginnings in honor of




inside of card

During December, you can also purchase our cards at the following locations:

Sacred Garden Bookstore: 215 West Fisher Ave. in Greensboro, Tel: 336-544-1225
Simply Meg’s: 1616 H Battleground Ave. in Greensboro, Tel: 336-272-2555

If your organization would like to sell our honor cards, please contact us at parker@backpackbeginnings.org or (336) 954-7445.