Open house pic

THESE WOMEN. Although a few are missing from this picture, these women are the core VOLUNTEER staff that run BackPack Beginnings. These individuals dedicate their time, talents, and energy to making a difference in our community. It is hard to quantify the enormous value they provide to our organization, but I will try…

Among all of them, they are donating about 200 hours a week= 1,000 hours a month to serving children in need in Guilford County and the surrounding area. The latest estimated value of volunteer time is $23.07 per hour, according to Independent Sector. Therefore, this small group of women is giving $276,840 worth of donated time to BackPack Beginnings a year. What does $276,840 look like to BackPack Beginnings?

$276,840= 1,846 hungry children fed each year
$276,840= 18,456 Comfort BackPacks
$276,840= 44,652 clothing items

Words do not convey my appreciation to each of them for helping BackPack Beginnings grow from serving 50 children to 4,000 children annually. BackPack Beginnings is what it is today, not because of 1 woman but because of a team… a team made up of THESE WOMEN.

 Written by Parker White on 10/27/2015