Guilford County Childhood Hunger Facts

62% of children in our school system are low income. That is over 45,000 children possibly needing food assistance (Guilford County Schools).

North Carolina Childhood Hunger Facts

  • 1 in 5 children go hungry in North Carolina (Feeding America).
  • More than 443,040 children in North Carolina are food insecure (Feeding America).
  • The North Carolina food insecurity rate is 15.9% and the child food insecurity rate is 24.6% (Food Shuttle).

What Hunger Does to Children

  • Over 16 million children in America are struggling with hunger. Even one missed meal can harm a child’s development. Click here to watch a video from the Dr. Oz show on hunger in children.
  • Studies show that when a child goes hungry over the weekend it will take that child 2.5 days of regular meals for them to retain what they are learning. That means if a child comes to school hungry on Monday they are not ready to learn until Wednesday afternoon.
  • Childhood hunger had broad range negative effects on a child’s health, cognition, academics, emotion and social well-being. Click here to see the fact sheet from No Kid Hungry/Share our Strength.
  • Food insecure children may be at greater risk of truancy and school tardiness. When they are in school, children who are food insecure may experiences increases in an array of behavior problems including: fighting, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, mood swings, and bullying (Feeding America).

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