Inadequate clothing can be one part of a sad equation that leads children to miss school and have behavioral and academic problems, experts say.

It can hint at problems at home, including neglect, loss of income by parents and a lack of food (LA Times Article).

  • The impact of inadequate clothing is often overshadowed by the more urgent issues of hunger and health care, but millions of children are affected in painfully silent ways that diminish their quality of life and opportunities. Inadequate clothing often leads to school absences due to embarrassment felt by parents and/or students or due to clothes that do not protect against harsh weather conditions. Lack of proper clothing can also call attention to poverty, leading to social and/or behavioral issues.
  • School-age homeless children face barriers to enrolling and attending school, including transportation problems, residency requirements, inability to obtain previous school records, and lack of clothing and school supplies (National Coalition for the Homeless). Over 2,000 students in Guilford County are considered homeless.