“I just wanted to stop by to mention what an amazing job your staff at the market is doing! Elexicia and Leigh (and all the volunteers!!) are consistently patient and kind and helpful and go out of their way to serve families. I was at the market yesterday, and man was it busyyyyy! Thanks again for all the hard work, I know this makes such a huge difference for families. Anyone from our clinic who’s been says “wow, that Family Market is really special”. Yes it is! And your people really do make it extra special.”

HealthySteps Specialist, Children's Home Society

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling me about the food and diaper giveaway today. I came home and unpacked things, and literally started crying because of it being such a blessing. I know for a fact that God directed this because some of my favorite foods were in there and there was so much that I can use to feed my family. There was so much that we use on a regular basis and so many things to help me stretch our budget. It really makes a difference for my family.”

Drive-Thru Recipient

“This year has presented many unexpected challenges to our patients and families. Being able to provide them with food and nutritional support through BackPack Beginnings has helped lighten the burden these families are facing. We get to see firsthand the joy and overwhelming appreciation the families express when we provide them with a bag of food and we are grateful to be able to partner with you all in this.” 

Amanda Jackson, Practice Administrator for the Rice Center for Children and Adolescent Health
“He is always excited to go get his backpack and starts asking early Friday- ‘Is it time yet for my backpack?’ I know it is important to him.”
Irving Park Elementary teacher

“God Bless you all for what you do and for helping me help our children here. I have seen a difference in behaviors on Fridays and Mondays—especially in the 7th and 8th grades where there are children who have not received relief prior to this year. All of them count on seeing the food deliveries on Friday, and when we miss someone, they come looking for us.”

Helen Hawley, Ferndale Middle School Teacher
“It makes me feel good and happy.”
4th grade student about what the bag of food means

“What a blessing the food is this summer! The mother of one of our scholarship campers started crying when her child received the weekend food. I don’t think we even realize how big of a struggle it is for some of our families to get food on the table every night. Families that appear to be “getting by.” So, thank you for this opportunity… not only from them, but from me. It is a blessing to be able to provide for them in this way.”

Tyler Wilson, Executive Director P.O.W.E.R. of Play Foundation

“It’s been a really neat project for us — in obvious ways, like curbing hunger, but all also in the more subtle ways, bringing our community closer together.”

Dayna Carr, Hope Academy School Administrator

“As the program chair, I see the overwhelming and persistent need for food pantries in our schools. Many families depend on them to get them through the weekend or the end of the month. Food deliveries to the schools are met with so much gratitude among the faculty, staff and children. These pantries provide and reduce the number of food deprived families in our community. The program is making a huge difference in meeting the hunger gaps in our community. In the coming years, I look forward to expanding and building on all of the efforts we have under way. The more we can make our community aware of the problem, the more capable are in reaching children and families in need. I’m so thankful to be a part of this organization and work with so many wonderful people to help families build a pathway to stability.”

Brandi Wilkinson, Volunteer Food Pantry Chair
“One of my students became more social after joining the program. She speaks out and has shown academic growth.”
Johnson Street Elementary teacher