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Hunger Awareness Month

According to Feeding America, an organization that provides food assistance programs to those facing the struggles of hunger across the U.S., nearly 13 million children residing in the U.S. today, face hunger. The effects of hunger on children, especially those younger than early ages of three, are especially prone to consequences that can affect their well-being for the [...]


New Emergency Food Pantry Launches

The emergency needs for additional food and volunteers on such short notice, revealed a gap in which our current four major food initiatives were not addressing. It’s crises like last April's tornado that led us to realize the importance of having an extra reserve of food readily available to school staff and partner agencies for [...]


Back to School

Once again, summer is coming to an end. The start of the new school year is a joy most students share, but the reasons for excitement vary greatly from one kid to the next. While many students are excited to show off their new school supplies and wardrobe additions, others simply find comfort knowing they [...]