We need your help conducting food drives!  These can either be one-time events or, as many neighborhoods are doing, quarterly food drives.  Many of the non-perishable items we provide the children are collected during food drives.

Host a One-Time Food Drive 

Food drives are easy to organize and are a great way for your family, neighborhood, office, congregation, student body or other type of group to make an impact on our community.  BackPack Beginnings makes it easy. To help you get started, we’ve put together these helpful tips to ensure your food drive is a success.

Step 1 – Set a goal, date and the location of your food drive. Contact BackPack Beginnings for a list of our current needs and
the dates your food drive will begin and end.

Step 2 – Get the word out through email, social media and flyer.  Recruit your friends, coworkers, neighbors and family members to help with the drive.

Step 3 – Have fun! Be creative in your neighborhood, dorm, church or office. Get groups to compete against one another for the most food donated. Take pictures to share with participants and BPB followers.

Step 4 – Update participants on the amount of food you’ve collected so far through email, signs, announcements in meetings and/or newsletters.

Step 5 – Once the Food Drive is over, contact BackPack Beginnings to schedule a time to deliver your donations.

Step 6 – Send a thank you email to your participants. Include the total # of donations or pounds of food collected (a typical can
of food weighs 15 oz– almost one pound.)  Make sure your participants know how awesome they are for supporting BackPack Beginnings!

Host a Quarterly Food Drive in Your Neighborhood

We are looking for volunteers to coordinate Neighborhood Food Drives.  Each quarter, coordinators will alert their neighbors on the details of the drive via flyer and/or email.  During the drive, coordinators will pick up the non-perishable food donations from their neighbors’ porches, driveway, or a specific site in their neighborhood and deliver to a BackPack Beginnings donation site.

Interested in holding a Food Drive in your neighborhood?  Contact Jenny DeLo at jennybdelo@yahoo.com to get started!

Neighborhoods That Are Already Participating

(Click on the neighborhood below to email the coordinator)