Hunger is real

Our Food Programs

Kid Bags

The objective of our Kid Bag Program is to fight childhood hunger in our community by filling the weekend food gap for preschool and elementary school children. We provide child-friendly, nutritious food directly to children. All food is child-friendly, including milks, proteins, fruits, cereals and snacks. Food is delivered each week by 150+ volunteers so children have food over breaks.

Family Bags

We provide family bags to school and partner agency staff to ensure children with the greatest need have direct access to food.  The family bags contain pantry staples such as canned and dry goods, proteins, fruits, vegetables, pastas and rices, breakfast foods, snacks, shelf stable milk and other food items.

Snack Pantry

Snacks can play an important role in managing kids’ hunger and boosting nutrition.  Teachers told us they were spending around $200 a year to provide snacks for their students. To take the burden off teachers, we partnered with the Teacher Supply Warehouse to provide free snacks for the classroom.

Fresh Food Initiative

Fresh fruits and vegetables improve children’s nutrition, help prevent childhood obesity and may improve school performance. BPB provides families and partners with fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, to ensure children have access to fresh food thanks to partnerships with local fresh food vendors, community gardens, and others.

Prenatal and Infant Feeding

We partner with Cone Health to feed the youngest children we have ever impacted, those in utero, by nourishing pregnant mothers, fetuses and decreasing the risk of adverse birth outcomes. After birth, we know the first year of life is important to a child’s development. Formula and baby food are expensive items for a low-income family, so BPB provides these items to local families to supplement their needs.

Summer Feeding Program

BPB provides summer meals to kids across Guilford County. In an effort to keep as many hungry tummies across Guilford County both filled and worry free, we provide our family bags to multiple locations. Without this option, many children don’t have enough food to keep from being hungry. Read more>