The Salvation Army told us about a pregnant mom with 2 children that fled from domestic violence and arrived at their shelter. The 2 year old was so shaken up from the crisis that she refused to speak. The staff was trying to comfort her and communicate with her but the trauma left her speechless. The shelter staff reached for the Comfort Backpacks provided by BackPack Beginnings and pulled out a teddy bear. The 2 year old lit up and immediately they could tell that they were making a connection. They spoke to the toddler through the teddy bear and she responded! Her answers helped them know her immediate needs and they were able to help her and let her know that she was in a safe place.

“Thank you to everyone who has donated comfort items such as stuffed animals, blankets, books, activity books, new socks, school supplies and toys! These simple items are used to comfort and connect to children in the moment of crisis and transition. Your donations are making a difference when it matters most!”

Salvation Army Center of Hope

A single mother in our community has 3 children, 1 of them autistic and non-verbal. She is only able to work minimal hours because of the special care her children need, and the cost of diapers for 2 of the kids can get astronomical! Extra diapers, baby wipes, and some bags of food a couple times a month help her to rest a little easier and know that she doesn’t have to do this completely alone.

Abundant Life Community Health & Healing
“These Comfort BackPacks will give our children a reason to smile—by providing a bright spot during a frightening and chaotic time in their lives. What a great way for us to be able to offer care and comfort in such a tangible way!”
Sue Spidell, Director of Family Support Services, Family Service of the Piedmont
“This backpack was for a 12 year old female whose placement disrupted and she is going to a new foster home. Seeing the comfort it brought her at such a difficult time was AMAZING!”
Children's Home Society Social Worker

“Through this wonderful partnership, The Act Together Crisis Care shelter program is able to provide each runaway and homeless youth that enters the shelter with a Comfort BackPack. Each youth is able to keep this backpack and the items provided inside. As many of the youth that enter the shelter have little to no items in their possession, this comfort backpack is much more than a just a backpack, it represents pride and belonging.”

Esther Ngo, Program Manager, Act Together

“A 4 yr old refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo loved the teddy bear! Her face lit up and smiled when she saw it. It was the first time since being in the country that she smiled that big!”

NC African Services Coalition
“I want BackPack Beginnings to know what a positive and compassionate program you are providing to our community’s children and youth. EVERY single time I hand out a backpack, whether it’s a 3 year old or a 17 year old, their eyes literally light up!! I have had a young person just look at me and say “for me?” or “really, I can keep all this stuff”, or “You mean I don’t have to share?!” Thank you for the outpouring of love and support to the children experiencing homelessness!
Michele Cheek, Program Director, Family Promise of Greater Guilford County