Meet Brandi Wilkinson-Rhew, Volunteer Food Pantry Chair

Brandi Wilkinson-Rhew, Food Pantry Chair

I am a wife and mother of 2 little girls. My oldest is 5 and my youngest just turned 2. As a mother, instilling kindness and good values is a priority. Back Pack Beginnings has been a wonderful way to not only help people in need, but to set an example to love others and lend a helping hand. My daughters have helped me sort food, weigh food, bag food, train other volunteers and deliver food to the schools, children and families who need it.


Over the last 5 years that I have been with BackPack Beginnings, the food pantry program has grown from 2 pantries to going on 26! The need in our community is huge, but being a part of an organization that is making a difference is priceless.


As the program chair, I see the overwhelming and persistent need for food pantries in our schools.  These pantries have become a necessity, in many cases, for the families that depend on them to get through the weekend or end of the month.  Our food deliveries are met with so much gratitude among the faculty, staff, and children.

In the coming years, I look forward to continuing to expand and build on all of the efforts we have under way.  The more awareness that we can create in our community, of the problem itself, the more capable we are in reaching children and families in need.  I am so thankful to be a part of this organization and to serve with so many wonderful people in helping build a pathway to stability.