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My grass is already brown from the heat.  The kids are out of school.  And Facebook newsfeeds are filled with beach pictures.  Yep, summer is officially here.

Here’s an idea of how to fill a day or even a week of your summer…give back to BPB.  Better yet, involve your kids and give them a real life learning experience while they are taking a break from the book learning.  BPB has so many ways to help a hungry child in need this summer.  Here are 5 ways to stay involved this summer!

  1. Greensboro Children’s Museum Food Drive: Donate canned food items and help build a display of goodwill on your way to play at our awesome downtown museum just for kids!
  2. Host a fundraiser or food drive: Get creative.  Get your kids to brainstorm ideas and raise money or food yourself!
  3. Kirkwood 5K:  Attend this fun, family friendly event nestled in the cozy, neighborhood streets of Kirkwood on Saturday, August 29.  There is a kids dash prior to the race. The K5K run/walk/push is designed to get the entire community involved!
  4. Clean out the pantry and closets: If you missed spring-cleaning, that’s okay.  There’s always time.  Summer clean that pantry out and donate any extra non-perishables you have to the BPB pantry.  You can also donate gently used children’s clothing, hygeine items and gently used plastic or paper bags.
  5. Other ways to help: Check out these links for more great ideas and events:

More ways to volunteer

BPB events


Written on 6/22/2015 by Courtney Murphy