snow day bus

Here we are again.  Another year. Another snowmageddon.  I actually thought we may have a milder winter this year…in fact, there have been only a few days so far where I have gently suggested that my oldest boys may want to wear pants instead of shorts (in case you’re wondering, they ignored my suggestion just like last winter).

However, the snow came. The hills have been sledded. The junk food has been eaten. And the schools have been closed. My oldest asked me at 8:30 this morning if they had called school yet for tomorrow. After a brief look around town (including an embarrassing fall on Cornwallis while taking a walk), I wonder if we’ll go to school at all this week.

We wrote a blog last year about the danger unexpected snow days brings to children in our community that participate in the BackPack programs.  We also discussed the need for volunteers and extra supplies to try to minimize these dangers.  When you see snow in the forecast or we have a bunch of unexpected snow days off from school, please remember BPB and more importantly, the hungry kids/children who need BPB.  If you have time to volunteer, the help is critical during these unplanned events.

Thank you and happy sledding!


Written on 1/25/16 by blogger Courtney Murphy.