While many second grade students at Oak Hill Elementary in High Point have basic needs that go unmet, they can rest assured they won’t go home hungry.

Oak Hill quote (1)Because a second grade teacher was “aggressive” early on when making referrals to Backpack Beginnings for her students, 95% receive a backpack each Friday chock full of food. With so many receiving help, there is no stigma in being the kid who needs food. In fact, she says the students look forward to the backpack every week.

“They look forward to it and can’t wait to pass the bags of food out,” she says. “Most of the children in my class don’t have enough. It’s so hard to hear, ‘we don’t have any food.’ Thankfully, they get breakfast, lunch and snacks at school, and now food for the weekend.”

Hygiene can also be an issue, she says.  “You can tell just how needy they are because many come to school disheveled, their teeth aren’t brushed and they have bed head.  They don’t have any extras, no accessories, watches or bracelets. They have the bare minimum.”

One student in her class has five siblings and doesn’t get enough attention in that department. “His mom has a new baby and has too much on her plate. I am going to make little bags of travel soaps and shampoos to pass out in the classroom.  My husband travels so we have lots at home.”

“I love the weekend Food BackPack Program. Students come back excited and ready to learn,” she says. “That makes me glad.”

Written on 10/7/15 by blogger Carole Perkins.