geoffrey goodsonWhen 13 year old Geoffrey Goodson started collecting winter clothes for the Backpack Beginning Clothing Pantry, his plan was to fulfill service hours for his rank advancement for Boy Scout Troop 316.

But after collecting and delivering over 1,200 clothing items in a month, Goodson felt so good about helping other people he decided to continue to collect items. Goodson, a student at Summerfield Charter Academy, chose Backpack Beginning’s Clothing Pantry for his service hours because he wanted to help kids in need.

“I liked Backpack Beginnings project because it had potential to help a lot of kids in our community,” he says. Although his time and contributions to the Clothing Pantry was a “win win” in that the Pantry was stocked with much needed items and the hours Goodson spent helped his rank advancement, Goodson says he will continue to collect because it makes him feel good.

“I told my friends and family that I would continue to collect clothes. They can bring them over anytime or I can pick them up at their house. I already have 5 more bags to drop off,” Goodson says.



Written on 12/6/15 by blogger Carole Perkins.