Staff and students at Pearce Elementary School raised a total $1,001 last week for BackPack Beginnings.  The students took part in a week long hunger campaign collecting donations, learning about hunger-related issues, and creating posters for the event. The entire school participated in the fundraising drive including cafeteria staff and bus drivers.  Some of the classes even made fleece blankets for our Comfort BackPack Program.

Red noses were worn to show support for the Red Nose Day movement which raises money for poverty-stricken children across the country.

“We love to see children helping other children. To be able to empathize is a great learning experience for kids. We are thrilled to receive their generous donations.”
-Parker White

Money raised by Pearce Elementary will be used to help provide food and comfort to children in need. BackPack Beginnings is lucky to have so many wonderful organizations behind us.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!

click arrowIf you would like to become a BackPack Beginnings volunteer, please visit our volunteer page. Want to host a food drive or make a donation?  Your donations will allow us to serve more children in need. Thank you!

Written on 3/30/17 by Angie Burkey.