GREENSBORO, NC — The headquarters of a Triad nonprofit has been overtaken by the whirring of more than 40 electric fans. Backpack Beginnings and its volunteers are still reeling from a pipe burst last week that flooded the organization’s headquarters in Greensboro.

sad-girlParker White, the executive director says they found out about the pipe burst last Thursday. Since then, the water has receded but they’ve had fans and humidifiers running nonstop for the last four days to dry out the place.

Even the baseboards have been ripped out so the insides of the walls could dry.

The drying process will probably continue for a few more days
“The items around me are items that were affected by the water. They were soaked in water and couldn’t be salvaged. So we’ve lost approximately 1,200 children’s books, 300 items of clothing, activities books, stuffed animals, and other things like that,” White explained.

The nonprofit provides basic necessities like food and hygiene products to children.

They also have a program for foster, neglected, abused and refugee children where they fill backpacks with fleece blankets, teddy bears and others things.

White says the damages primarily affected those items.
“We’re devastated by the loss because there’s a lot of children out there in need and these things are so important to them; something as simple as a book, a stuffed animal during a traumatic time and we want to make sure we can provide those items for them,” she said.

White says they are asking for the community’s help. She says if you have gently-used stuffed animals or books, they will gladly take them.

Just call the organization at (336) 709-9649 or email

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