Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? National Nutrition Month is an annual campaign aimed at helping people understand the importance of healthier food choices and participating in regular physical activity (Academy of Nutrition & Dieticians). Nearly, 67% of children in the Guilford County school system alone, come from low income families, accounting for 49,000+ children who may be suffering from food shortages on a regular basis (Guilford County Schools). Many of these children go Title 1 schools and rely on school to provide them with breakfast, lunch, and a snack on a daily basis.

Childhood hunger can lead to issues with emotional management, social well-being, developmental delays, and can ultimately affect their well-being throughout their lives such as job readiness or career problems. Even a single canned food donation can help make a difference. Our Food BackPack Program, our initiative to combat hunger in children across the county, helps supply backpacks with nutritious kid friendly foods to those in low income families so they have food to eat over the weekends. Find out how you can volunteer to help make a difference in many kids lives today and a lasting effect on their future.


Written on 3/25/18 by Virginia Brooks.