33_20131210181104_1626144_mediumVivint Inc. is one of the largest home automation companies in North America. Vivint summer sales representatives and technicians leave their homes every summer to take Vivint’s life-saving and life-simplifying products to people all over North America. Many reps and technicians bring their families with them as they move around during the summer season. And instead of looking at the summer situation as a sacrifice, Vivint families are dedicated to getting involved in and giving back to their temporary communities. 

The wives of Vivint reps in Greensboro, North Carolina were proud to partner with BackPack Beginnings. When deciding on a charity project, the Vivint families were immediately drawn to the mission of BackPack Beginnings. “BackPack Beginnings is a group of wives and mothers, much like our own team, who saw a need in their community with underprivileged children,” volunteer Dayna Hunt said.

The wives set a goal of purchasing the goods for and assembling 50 food bags. As the volunteers became involved in the organization, they were shocked to learn that so many young children in North Carolina struggle with hunger. It didn’t take long for the Vivint volunteers to decide they wanted to do more. Each family had just received a gift from Vivint allowing them to go out to dinner, and without hesitation, every family in Greensboro donated their gift to the cause as well.

I really wanted to pay forward the kindness and consideration Vivint had given me,” Hunt said.

After shopping and putting together an assembly line of Vivint wives and children, the Greensboro volunteers donated 70 bags of essential items to the charity. Since BackPack Beginnings relies solely on volunteers, the help from the Vivint families was truly essential. The organization is on track to serve over 2,200 children this year, and Vivint volunteers were proud to help toward that goal.

Originally posted on http://blog.vivint.com/2013/09/mothers-coming-together