33_20130505204116_1130434_large[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Michelle with her daughter at the Carolina Hurricanes’ game to accept a check for BackPack Beginnings

The whole time Michele Alvarino talks about an average day volunteering at BackPack Beginnings as the office manager, her hands are busy folding socks to go into the clothing pantry. A self-described “type A” personality, she thrives on making the office a more organized and efficient place. Every minute that she spends at the office is filled with organizing, sorting, and make the office a more pleasant place. A normal day is spent with her checking the food rooms, getting ready for the next volunteer group, taking care of anything that is left in the food drop off area, and sorting out donations. What started as way to give back with her kids has evolved into Michele being a dedicated and integral part of the BackPack Beginnings volunteer team.

While she leads a tour around the office explaining what happens in each room, she straightens and tidies. Picking up a stray paper lying on the floor, she explains how the food moves through the building to get packaged and ready to go out to children. She puts a pair of shoes in the wrong spot back where it goes as she shows off the amazing clothing closet. Her touches are everywhere, from the pictures children colored to say “Thank You” framed and hanging on the walls, to the perfectly ordered donated items lining the shelves.

With kinetic energy, she leads a group of school children through the reasons BPB is working hard to bring food to kids in need all over Guilford County. They all listen raptly as she tells them, “Be thankful for what you have…these are your neighbors…you pass them on the street.” She thanks them for working hard to help people who really need it. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the kids cheer for themselves and congratulate each other on a job well done.

Michele lives by her own words every day, serving those in our community that are in need. In addition to her duties as office manager, she also delivers bags of food to her children’s elementary school every week. She “likes seeing progress and making a difference,” and that is precisely what is happening with such an organized person running the BPB office.

Written on 5/6/2013 by Blogger Thea DeLoreto