33_20130818065342_1312263_large[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Every year, BackPack Beginnings distributes surveys to all of the children in the Food BackPack program, along with their parents, teachers, and social workers, to ensure the program continues to meet the needs of students in Guilford County. Over 500 surveys were collected and analyzed this past spring. The graphic above highlights information collected from each of the survey groups: parents, social workers, teachers, and students.  Please read below for more results from these surveys.


  • 86.7% were very satisfied with delivery of food to their school
  • 100% believed food items included to be excellent or very good
  • 100% of the social workers responding to the survey noticed a positive difference in the students from the extra food.


  • 69.4% LOVE the food included in the bags
  • Students’ favorite foods are juice, cereal, applesauce, fruit, and milk
  • “It means it helps my mom a lot, and I am very grateful for that.”
  • “It means a lot to us because we don’t have much food.”
  • “A lot to me that people are so nice to give this.”
  • “…it makes us healthy and strong.”
  • “The backpack meals mean when I am in a bad mood the juice makes me back in a good mood.”


  • 81.3% of parents responding to the survey believe the food is very good or excellent, up from 77.8% in 2012
  • 97.2% of parents responding believe the food has made a positive difference in their child, an increase from 93.9% in 2012
  • Best parts of the program are: certainty of the food items, that the kids love it, and that it is helpful to the family.


  • 74.7% of teachers responding to this survey agreed that the academic performance of students had improved after joining BackPack Beginnings, an increase from 62.2% in 2012.
  • 68.5% of teachers responding to this survey agreed that student’s attendance had improved after joining BackPack Beginnings, rising from 54.9% in 2012.
  • 65.3% of teacher’s agreed that student’s classroom behavior had improved after joining BackPack Beginnings, up from 52.9% in 2012.
  • 76.4% of teacher’s agreed that student’s overall health had improved since joining BackPack Beginnings, which increased from 64.9% from the prior year.

Written on 8/19/2013 by Blogger Katie Sopcik