33_20130303182855_1022914_large[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Kids helping kids. That was the idea behind the third grade class at Canterbury choosing BackPack Beginnings as their service learning project. And help is what they did. The class spent the morning doing various projects around the office including packing food bags, sorting donations, and folding socks. When the kids were doing their “jobs”, they figured out amongst themselves the best system of who does what and how to get the most done. Not only were they helping others, they were honing their teamwork skills.

As the kids talked about how hard they worked, their smiles show how much fun they had. When asked how they felt about helping kids like them that are in need, they shouted “awesome,” and “great,” and “really amazing.” As the class regrouped to leave, they discussed what all they had done and the competiveness came out. One group was proud to have packed 200 bags. Another yelled out that they had sorted and folded a huge box of socks.

Their teacher chose BackPack Beginnings because he saw “a need to be filled and hoped to make it happen on some small level.” However, the impact of his class’ volunteer project was not small. With over 15 kids working for three hours, a huge need was filled. Packing bags and organizing donations to help the kids of Guilford County who are hungry or without is important.  Kids helping kids with food and provisions that are so badly needed is inspirational.

Written on 3/4/2013 by Blogger Thea DeLoreto