As a volunteer for BackPack Beginnings and having our efforts frequently on my mind, I am still stunned by the issue of hunger. I hear the facts frequently- “more than 50 million people in our country struggling with hunger: 1 in every 6 people…” and for our own community “41,000 children in Guilford County are at risk of going hungry each week,” but when I stop and think about it and put it in perspective, I am overwhelmed. How can that many children in our own community be at risk of going hungry each week? With such a staggering number as 1 in 6 people nationwide struggling with hunger, it is understandable that many feel hopeless to help. I believe a big opportunity is in awareness. Those who are aware will have a hard time turning their back on the issue. How can we help?

  • Take a moment to share the video about Hungry Kate with your friends and family. BackPack Beginnings is a proud partner of Feeding America.
  • Educate yourself about the need. Click here for some of the statistics.
  • Like us and share BackPack Beginnings’ posts on Facebook.
  • Retweet it on Twitter, if you tweet.
Help spread the word. Some people might see it and donate the $5 to feed a child for a weekend or $150 to feed a child for the whole school year. They may hold a food drive or volunteer at a food bank or here at BackPack Beginnings. Each of those actions can add up to helping a lot of people in our community. Every small act makes a big difference in the lives of children in need. For more ways you can help make an impact on hunger in our community, contact BackPack Beginnings and help make a difference.

Written on 6/17/2013 by Blogger Katie Sopcik