Kate Morrow (or Mrs. Morrow, as she will forever be to me) and I go back a long time.  She taught me Geometry in the 9th grade.  Mrs. Morrow was one of those teachers who always spoke to you if you saw her in the hallway, even after you had moved on from her class.  She made you feel remembered, which to a fairly dedicated student such as myself, was always greatly appreciated.

Now, years later, I live around the corner from her and see her on her daily walks with her dog as I chase kids and break up tackle football games.  She still stops and speaks…regardless of the cloud of chaos that may be sitting over my singular yard.

When I saw her on the list of volunteers to highlight for BackPack Beginnings, I knew she would be one of my first interviews.

Mrs. Morrow started volunteering for BackPack Beginnings two years ago, working first with the Comfort Backpacks and then in the Clothing Pantry.  She was drawn to help with the food backpacks after learning at Church about the length of time it takes children who do not eat over the weekend to be physically nurtured enough to effectively learn again.  In case you are wondering, it is the following Wednesday.  The thought of a child losing half of their school week due to lack of nutrition really resonated with her after teaching children from all different backgrounds for 30 years.  She has been helping with the food backpacks ever since.  “My parents always taught me to be mindful of others.  It stuck with me.”

She volunteers a couple of hours every week to help with a quality check of the food backpacks.  BPB is lucky to have Mrs. Kate Morrow as an advocate and a volunteer.

Written on 11/6/2014 by Blogger Courtney Murphy