Vote for BackPack Beginnings to Win $10,000 in Triad Kids Dental’s First Caring4Community Awards

BackPack Beginnings is excited to have made it through the nomination phase and into the voting period in Triad Kids Dental’s Caring4Community Awards! We are in the running with 8 other local nonprofit organizations to win a $10,000 award, granted by Triad Kids Dental.

Votes can be cast online at through 6/16/2022.

Caring4Community is a program by Triad Kids Dental to develop awareness around the missions of local nonprofit organizations and offer financial support. We would be honored to have your vote in the Triad Kids Dental Caring4Community awards! Caring4Community will donate a total of $30,000 to three different organizations per year. Visit @triadkidsdental on Instagram and Facebook, or online at Triad Kids Dental to learn more.