We all have our own personal and unique Thanksgiving traditions.  One such tradition probably involves a grocery trip among masses of people, standing in long lines with our grocery carts full of turkey, stuffing, pies and loads of ingredients to assemble MY personal favorite Thanksgiving treat, the vegetable casseroles.  The people around us have similar looking carts, overflowing with abundance, all gearing up towards a day of Thanksgiving; a day full of comfort, food, thanks and family.

So, what if you couldn’t just go to the grocery store and buy the makings of a Thanksgiving feast?  What if you already skipped meals during the week just so your kids could eat?  What if you survived on one meal a day during a normal week?

It is hard for us to imagine.  But the Food Research and Action Center reports that the Greensboro-High Point metropolitan area ranks second in the nation for food hardship.  That is a staggering statistic to learn about the place we live…especially when we are standing in the grocery store line, looking at all of the brimming carts.

Take a minute to read the article attached here.  And when you are at the grocery store, shopping for your Thanksgiving feast, add some dry goods to your overflowing cart.  Take a few minutes from your busy schedule and drop by Fiat of the Triad.  There is still time to participate in Fill a Fiat and help stock BackPack Beginnings’ food pantries.

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition of helping to make a dent in this hunger epidemic that hits so very close to home. Happy Thanksgiving.



Written on 11/18/2014 by Blogger Courtney Murphy