67% of children in our schools are at risk of hunger. The objective of our Food Pantry Program (FPP) is to reduce childhood hunger in our community by providing direct access to free and nutritious food to children in need. Our program reduces the negative impacts of hunger so children are ready to learn in school and succeed in life.


335,271 pounds of food delivered this year

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51 schools and 18 partner agencies served

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4,165 kids fed

The Need
  • Over 49,000 children qualify for free or reduced price meal programs in Guilford County Schools.
  • 17% of people in Guilford County are food insecure.
  • 1 in 4 children in Guilford County face hunger every day.
  • Hungry children incur delays in their physical, intellectual and emotional development.
Our Approach
  • Food Pantries are managed by school staff to ensure children with the greatest need have direct access to food.
  • BPB stocks them with fresh food, canned and dry goods, proteins, fruits, vegetables, pastas and rices), breakfast foods (cereal, oatmeal, etc.) snacks, shelf stable milk, 100% fruit juice and other food items.
  • Our organization is 95% volunteer run. All food pantries are stocked every other week by dedicated BPB volunteers.
How You Can Help

Your tax deductible donation can make an immediate and lasting impact on a child facing hunger on the weekends. DONATE TODAY!


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$5 will feed a child a meal


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$200 stocks a school pantry for a month


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$2,000 will stock a school pantry for the year