Fleet Feet is more than just another running store. The former Off ‘N Running store is a starting point for people who want to change their lives. They believe in helping people transform themselves and connecting people to be active in changing the lives of others.

On Saturday, August 2nd, they are hosting the Fleet Feet Pickle 30K untimed race to benefit BackPack Beginnings. “We’ll have pickle juice at the water stations, all finishers will get a jar of pickles, and instead of passing a ‘baton’ they will pass a toy pickle,” states Kathy Clark, who is helping with the event. “At the end of the race we’re going to make it a fun event with music, a raffle, and even a pickle-eating contest!”

Read more about the Fleet Feet Pickle Race and how you can get involved! Not a runner?

Volunteers are needed as well… sign up here.

Written on 7/21/2014 by Blogger Tanya Smith