5 yr anniversary

Anniversaries come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all commemorate a life-changing day…such as a wedding or the first day starting a new business.

When Parker White started BackPack Beginnings in her dining room five years ago, she could not have imagined the impact her organization would ultimately have within a short five years in the Greensboro community.  All she knew is that she wanted to help a few of the astounding 43,000 children within the Guilford County School system who were on free or reduced priced meals due to their families being at or below poverty level.

“Five years ago, I started BackPack Beginnings because I wanted to help a few children in need in our community. I had no idea boxes of food in my dining room and $8,000 from friends and neighbors would be the start of a multi-program organization that now serves over 3,000 children in need and continues to grow annually.”

This five-year anniversary is huge to Parker White, who has proven she can effectively run a successful and sustainable non-profit organization that benefits the children of our community.  This five-year anniversary is an occasion for her and her volunteer staff to celebrate their many hours of hard work that has paid off in really making a difference.  This five-year anniversary is the perfect chance to give an extra shout out of thanks to the philanthropists and volunteers in Greensboro who have helped make BPB successful.  This five-year anniversary is an opportunity to spread the word to others looking to give back.

Do you know who has no idea we are celebrating five successful years?  The benefactors of BackPack Beginnings.  But they do know that for five years, they have gone home for the weekend with food to eat.  And while they probably do not understand the impact that nutrition is making on their education and their emotional and physical development, they do know they aren’t coming to school hungry.

And that is a reason to celebrate…five times a day.

Written on 1/8/2015 by Blogger Courtney Murphy