33_20140218103743_1718842_mediumDuring the month of February, we celebrate National Canned Food Month. If you’ve ever volunteered with BackPack Beginnings, you know how important canned food is to our cause. Our Food Pantries and Food BackPack Program would not be possible without the almighty can.

Sometimes canned food gets a bad rap but canned food provides nutrition. For struggling families, canned foods provide a balanced meal with proteins, vegetables, and fruit. What else do we love about canned food?

•  Shelf life and portability
•  Nutritious
•  Convenient- most canned foods just need to be reheated!
•  Affordable
•  Tamper-resistant
•  Recyclable

As always, we are so thankful for our volunteers and supporters. If your group or organization would be interested in holding a canned food drive, please contact us.

Written on 2/18/2014 by Blogger Angie Burkey