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In order to make sure our warehouse is a safe space for volunteers and staff, we ask that you follow the below guidelines:

– Please take your temperature before coming to volunteer, and if it is above 99.1, we ask that you stay home.
– Please do not volunteer if you feel bad, have a fever or cough, if you have flu like symptoms or have had recent exposure of flu or Coronvirus. If someone in your household is sick or has a fever, please do not come to the warehouse to volunteer.

– Volunteers need to be 12 or older.
– If you are over 65, caring for long-term care patients, have asthma, heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, are immuno-compromised or pregnant, please consider the risks before you sign-up.

– Our staff will be wearing homemade masks, and we encourage you to bring your own homemade masks/bandannas along side of us (6 ft away, of course). Masks will be REQUIRED to volunteer, and we have a limited supply available for volunteers.
– Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early, as we want to limit the amount of people waiting in our front office. We also need to prep between groups.
– Please do not bring more people with you than the amount you signed up, as we want to stick our new guidelines of 12 people or less at a time.
– When you arrive, please immediately wash your hands. Gloves are not required to work in the warehouse. Please plan to bring gloves from home if you would like them, as we have a limited supply.  At all times in the warehouse, please stay more than 6 ft apart from other volunteers and staff.
– Please email us if you need to cancel due to the information above so we can open up spots to those that can.

– Please sign up under a name of a person attending the volunteer opportunity.  If you are looking for service hours, please sign up under your own name.

The work of BackPack Beginnings would not be possible without the support of all our amazing volunteers.  As an 95% volunteer organization, volunteers are the key to helping us achieve our mission. You’ll find upcoming volunteer opportunities on this page.  Check back regularly for new jobs.  Please note that anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Don’t see a job that fits your availability or skills?  BackPack Beginnings has ongoing volunteer needs click here to register your available time and talent. We’ll match your free time and skills and email you when opportunities come up.  You must fill out the volunteer availability section to receive these emails!

Part of a group?   Due to our current COVID guidelines, please contact us at if you have a group of 5 or more that would like to volunteer in the warehouse.  If you have a group smaller than 5 people, then please look at the times below to see if one of our existing shifts will work for your group. If you don’t see an option that works for your group, please email us at to schedule a date and time.

**If you are needing court-mandated hours:  Please note that we will only accept court-mandated volunteers IF the offenses are non-violent in manner (such as traffic violations).**

Available Shifts