When Dawn Law started volunteering for BackPack Beginnings at First Presbyterian Weekday Preschool two years ago, she held a full time job and a 2-yo, a 4-yo and a 12-yo.  She wondered if she would have enough time to juggle a volunteer gig as well.  She began by delivering the food from the office to the Ray Warren Head Start Program.  Having small children herself, the ability to help small children who were surviving the weekend without food was a good fit and a fulfilling way to give back.

Fast forward a year and Dawn was leaving the corporate world to be a full time mom.  She continued to deliver food but also increased her volunteerism to include coordinating the volunteers at First Pres.  Now, she has helped to make BackPack Beginnings the sole outreach program for the First Presbyterian Weekday Preschool program this year.

Dawn explains that if you have an interest in volunteering for BPB it is not a huge strain on time.  And the benefit from carving out that time is worth it not only for these small children but for the volunteers as well: “Every time I pull away from delivering the food, my heart feels happy.”

Written on 12/11/2014 by Blogger Courtney Murphy