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Try to imagine your child in a traumatic situation where they have no choice but to live without personal items like their favorite clothes or their beloved stuffed animal.  Picture the agony of a world where all sense of normalcy has been stripped and any security or familiarity shattered.

Then imagine a place where they are welcomed with loving and open arms and provided with their own special BackPack chock full of comfort items like blankets, stuffed animals, books, hygiene products, school supplies and more.

This place and program exist with The Children’s Home Society and The BackPack Beginnings’ Comfort BackPack program who partner together with the goal to help children thrive and grow. The Children’s Home Society’s mission is to promote the right of every child to a permanent safe and loving family. BackPack Beginnings’ vision is a community of healthy, comforted and well-nourished children.

Since 2012, these two organizations have collaborated to serve between 15 to 30 children every quarter of the year with Comfort BackPacks.  Tasha Parks, Support Services Coordinator and Shannon Johnson, Program Supervisor, of the Central Region of The Children’s Home Society see firsthand the impact the Comfort BackPacks have on children of all ages.

The stuffed animals are often the favorite items for the little ones and the notebooks, books, blankets and bags themselves are among the most favorite of the older children and teens. But no matter what the favorite items the children find, the backpacks offer more than just goodies. Johnson explains why.

“I feel that they assist our children in feeling some normalcy in having something that is all their own. Our children often come into care with no or limited personal items clothing and hygiene items. The backpacks are often the first thing they receive when coming into care and provide a sense of comfort, belonging and normalcy.”


Written on 2/10/16 by blogger Carole Perkins.