33_20130721141333_1254573_large[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Charity is a tall girl with beaded braids and a tough look. In a worn out tee shirt and jeans that were obviously hand-me-downs, she is a girl who has seen her share of hard times. Charity lives with two brothers, two sisters, and her parents. It is not a happy home, and she has been removed from it several times due to abuse and neglect. Any kindness Charity receives comes from others. That includes her weekly bag of food from BackPack Beginnings. Getting a bag every Friday is one of the only things that this Rankin third grader gets that is just for her.

When she talks about her life, Charity seems direct, but her hands twist and turn in her lap. She doesn’t want to talk about her family or home. She has little to say about anything outside of school. Until she starts talking about how much she loves sports—then she begins to shine. Her favorite thing to do is play flag football with her team. Charity loves the fruit most in the bags of food because it gives her energy when she is playing ball. She loves being a BackPack Beginnings’ recipient because she is “happy someone cares.”

Written on 7/22/2013 by Blogger Thea DeLoreto