During the month of February, we celebrate National Canned Food Month. If you’ve ever volunteered with BackPack Beginnings, you know how important canned food is to our cause. Our Food Pantries and Food BackPack Program would not be possible without the almighty can.

For struggling families, canned foods provide a balanced meal with proteins, vegetables, and fruit. We have food pantries in 30 schools and 8 partner agencies that we need to keep supplied every week.

“We’re grateful for every canned food donation that comes through our doors,” said Parker White, Founder and Executive Director of BackPack Beginnings.

If you are interested in holding a food drive , please visit the Food Drive page on our website.

Most Needed Items

· Low Sodium Canned Soups
· Canned Meats (beef stew, chicken, tuna)
· Canned Fruit
· Canned Beans

*Donations can be dropped off at Pigtails and Crewcuts at 1615 Westover Terrace or Bizi Kidz at 2500 Battleground Ave. in addition to our warehouse, 3707D Alliance Drive.