Meet Bill and Lib, volunteers with BackPack Beginnings. Here’s their story on how they met and their shared passion for the welfare of children around the world.

It began when Bill decided to go out for a business lunch at a little restaurant in Lenoir, NC. Little did he know he would meet the love of his life, Lib, that very day; who picked up waitressing as a summer job. Close to a decade into their marriage, Bill had moved on from his business career to teaching. At this time, they had a three-year-old daughter (Molly) and a son on the way (Wil). Bill and Lib both share a love for traveling so they bought an RV and the family of four set off to explore the great depths of the U.S. as well as areas of Canada, before residing back home to NC.

After a few years in Davie, NC, where Bill continued his teaching career, the two made the decision to join the Department of Defense Schools in Germany; the perfect teaching opportunity that would allow them to continue exploring the world. They spent 8 years in Germany which inspired them to teach internationally, where they would spend many years teaching in China and Saudi Arabia. Their motivation to help with BackPack Beginnings came from their shared interest and passion for the welfare of children around the world.

Bill, who helps out on the delivery side of things, delivers food and supplies backpacks to three schools every week when school is in session and helps to serve students at two additional schools during the summer. Lib volunteers with the Thursday morning work team, helping to separate donations and package boxes for school pantries. It’s through the efforts of volunteers like Bill and Lib that we can do extraordinary things!