According to Feeding America, an organization that provides food assistance programs to those facing the struggles of hunger across the U.S., nearly 13 million children residing in the U.S. today, face hunger. The effects of hunger on children, especially those younger than early ages of three, are especially prone to consequences that can affect their well-being for the rest of their lives. In North Carolina alone, an estimated 1,565,910 or 1 out of 7 people, are faced with hunger; in comparison 1 out of 5 of those are children struggling with hunger. 

September, being Hunger Awareness Month, is one of the most important months throughout the year to us here, at BackPack Belongings; the entire month is dedicated to raising awareness on the current issues of child hunger across the United States. To help combat the pressing needs presented by hunger within our local community BackPack Beginnings has launched an emergency food pantry to help assist children when there is an increase in need for assistance from the community.

Join us to help put a rest to the number of children who are faced with the issue of hunger by volunteering. Every helping hand and voice counts!

Written by Virginia Brooks