At BackPack Beginnings, our Fresh Food Initiative, helps provide schools with fresh produce including fruits, vegetables, and grains (bread). Fresh foods are more than often associated with a hefty price, especially when compared its prepackaged alternatives at the store. For many, finding transportation to get the store is its problem to begin with. Currently, there are 24 food deserts, or geographic areas, across Guilford County where low-income families lack the funds and services to help them acquire healthy nutritious foods.

Guilford County does not have any state or federally funded weekend feeding programs in place for school children. The help we receive from our volunteers is very important to keeping children’s tummies full throughout the weekend.

What will you do to enjoy this wonderful spring weather? I myself would like to step away from the technology and take a walk outside to soak up some sunshine. After all, sunshine and fresh air helps the garden grow, maybe it’ll help me grow as well. And, thank you to some of the other local organizations to North Carolina helping to combat child hunger and provide fresh foods to families in need.

Fresh Produce Partners:

The Produce Box
Paul J Ciener Botanical Garden
Greensboro Farmers Curb Market
A&T Reid Greenhouse
Peacehaven Community Farm
Jones Elementary
Farmer Foodshare
Caldwell Academy
Share the Harvest
First Presbyterian Church
Second Harvest Food Bank
Rudd Farm
Summerfield Farm



Written on 4/25/18 by Virginia Brooks.