Quote blog 600x400 (2)Here at BackPack Beginnings, we love hearing from the parents, students, and teachers who have been directly impacted by BackPack Beginnings.

This week, we thought we would share some of their words with you. Hearing just how important and special our backpacks are to these students and their families serves as a simple reminder of how much need there is in our community, which inspires us to continue doing what we do on a daily basis. We hope their words inspire you too!

Letter from Student at Oak Hill Elementary (High Point, NC):
“Dear Food People,
The food you send home on Fridays is very helpful and nice for me. My sister and I both get food and it helps us on the weekend. Before we were getting these bags we would mostly only eat one time on Saturday and one on Sunday. Now we have more and it makes the weekends a lot better. Thank you for helping us, you are a very nice person. We thank you when we say our prayers on the weekends.” 

Quote from Teacher at Oak Hill Elementary (High Point, NC):
“My student gets so excited every Friday when I give the food. He says ‘thank you’ repeatedly!” 

Quote from Student at Irving Park Elementary (Greensboro, NC):
“The bag of food means: “feel special that someone thought enough to help my family”

Quote from Teacher at Johnson Street Elementary (High Point, NC):
One of my students became more social after joining the program. She speaks out and has shown academic growth.”

Quote from a parent:
“I can always count on the fact that when I run out of food for him and his sister they will have something to eat.”

Quote from Teacher at Irving Park Elementary (Greensboro, NC):
“She feels special and enjoys getting the backpack. I think this shows that she knows that it’s good for her and helpful. She doesn’t talk about the backpack to others, but she lights up when she gets it. I think it helps her see her value!”


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Written on 7/20/16 by Michele Slaine.