Danielle Rattray

Danielle Rattray, Neighborhood Food Drive Coordinator

Danielle Rattray is a busy mom of three, yet she has made volunteering an important part of her life. As a former resident of Durham she participated in a neighborhood food collection program called Porch-Durham. After relocating to Greensboro, Rattray was thrilled to hear about a similar program in Greensboro, BackPack Beginnings.

That was just over two years ago. Since that time Danielle has been responsible for collecting several tons of food for our program. Just in the past three months she has helped us collect 782 pounds of food, allowing us sustain and grow our Food Pantry Program. Danielle is proud to be a part of Backpack Beginnings, and we are proud to have her!

Danielle has been serving as the neighborhood food drive chair for our quarterly food drives. Held in January, April, July, and October, these drives are organized by an outstanding group of neighborhood coordinators who communicate with their neighbors about the items that are most needed, and arrange for their collection.


This experience is so fulfilling because it is tangible and I know it is life-changing for so many kids in our community. When you read the recipient stories and hear how these donations are impacting and blessing their lives it really touches you. I’m proud to be a part of the amazing work BackPack Beginnings is doing in our community.” -Danielle Rattray

Right now we have 14 neighborhoods participating in these drives, and are always happy to have more! We also have many businesses and other organizations holding food drives for us- click here for information on holding one of your own!

Written on 4/1/16 by blogger Carole Perkins.