The Giving Back Garden at First Presbyterian Church was created to nourish minds and hearts by giving fresh foods to those who might not have access. The garden connects and teaches kids about the source of fresh food and the importance of community partnerships.

During Hope Academy’s 5th grade visit, children and gardeners were able to see and taste firsthand the way produce is grown, harvested and shared. The kids loved tasting fresh vegetables and experiencing the “sweet taste” of a sugar snap pea for the first time as one child noted. Other children loved pulling up carrots right from the ground & tasting the earthy freshness.

We were thrilled to see the 5th graders excitement over eating fresh sugar snap peas from the vine, harvesting a few carrots and learning how to keep a cauliflower head covered as it grows. Really a great group! -Joan Stone, volunteer gardener at Giving Back Garden. 

Thank you to our generous partners at FPC Giving Back Garden for providing fresh perspective & produce! Fresh foods + fresh new experiences = fresh minds!

Hope Academy at FPC Garden

Written by Allison Cochran on June 3, 2016.