In honor of Father’s Day, we would like to share a local father’s story of strength and dedication to his family. Like many, he works very hard to provide for his family and is appreciative of the weekend food his children receive from BPB. Thanks to YOU, we have the resources to help feed his family.

fathers handAnthony lives in High Point, NC and is a father of seven children. He has six daughters and one son. He works very long hours for a national dairy company. His younger children attend Oak Hill Elementary and Ferndale Middle School. His son, the oldest, attends college.

“I am the only male in the house,” he says with a smile and tells us about his six unique daughters. As he describes each one he uses terms like sweet, outgoing, daddy’s girl, and my angel.

One of his daughters, Andrea, is disabled. She was born with birth defects caused by Placenta Previa. The doctors told Anthony and his wife she would never be able to walk. Anthony’s wife stays home to take care of her and the other children. Andrea, now 6 years old, uses a walker and is able to move quickly around the house.

“She’s my angel,” he says. “She’s come a long way and we are working with her to walk on her own.” Anthony feels blessed with what she has accomplished.

Despite all of the challenges, Anthony and his wife stress to their kids the importance of education. His fifth grader, Anita, wants to be an obstetrician because of what happened to her sister at birth. She studies hard and looks forward to going to college some day. It would make her father proud.


Written by Angie Burkey on May 25, 2016.
*Children’s names have been changed to protect their anonymity.