Once again, summer is coming to an end. The start of the new school year is a joy most students share, but the reasons for excitement vary greatly from one kid to the next. While many students are excited to show off their new school supplies and wardrobe additions, others simply find comfort knowing they can count on the two free meals provided to them on school days. 

One of the foundations of BackPack Beginnings is to ensure that the children who don’t have their everyday needs met are provided with the needed necessities to stay safe, healthy, and educated, so that they too can succeed and help to build a better future for all. In 2017, Guilford Country reported around 67% children belonging to Guilford County schools are low income and 19.2% are food insecure.

In efforts to combat this, we have partnered up with the school staff in Guilford County Schools, Head Starts and local charter schools. This year, we are proud to start our Food BackPack Program at Cemala Head Start.  But our work doesn’t stop here. 

Many of these children still need additional hygiene products, clothing for the new school year, and all those expensive school supplies! Please help us in our efforts to get the children of Guilford County schools off to a great start. Here are some ways you can show your support, we are always seeking helping hands:

Food BackPack and Pantry Programs– We are looking for volunteers to help us with deliveries to Guilford County Schools and Head Start Programs. See the complete list of the schools and head starts we provide to within Greensboro and High Point.

  • Snack Pantry – We are in need of donations and volunteers to help supply and provide shelf-stable, nutritious, single item snacks to children in need. Teachers often feel the need to provide extra when it’s not their duty too, with the help from our volunteers we can benefit the children and take the financial burden off our teachers to provide with their own funds.  These are distributed through our partnership with the Teacher Supply Warehouse.
  • Clothing Pantry – Kids grow up fast and seem to grow out of their clothes even faster! We are always in need of volunteers to help sort clothing items to provide children with clean, well-kept clothing items and school uniforms.
  • Personal Care Pantry – Acquiring personal hygiene products is one of the most important services we provide to children in need; as it applies to their overall well-being and health. We are always appreciative of any donations and volunteers to help sort hygiene products.
  • Comfort BackPack Program– Comfort items allow kids to be kids.  We accept new and gently used stuffed animals, books and toys to include in our comfort backpacks- all stuffed by volunteers.


Written by Virginia Brooks on August 29, 2018