Thousands of kids headed off to school this week in Guilford County. Some started the week with new school outfits, new backpacks and lunch bags full of goodies. Others started the day excited because they know they will no longer wake up wondering if they will eat today. The start of school means they know from today through Thursday, June 11, 2015 they will get at least one meal per weekday at school.

In the fall of 2014, BackPack Beginnings will be serving over 1,300 children in 24 schools in Guilford County. Our new Food BackPack Program schools include Staley Head Start, Elm Street Head Start and Metropolitan Head Start.

In Guilford County, there are over 42,500 students on free or reduced meals. Our goal is to expand the program to all Title 1 schools and Head Start programs in Guilford County to meet their need.

Would your company or organization like to be a sponsor to one of the above schools? Please contact Parker White at parker@backpackbeginnings.org.

Here are a list of the schools in our Food BackPack Program and the percentage of students in need of assistance:

Greensboro Schools                                                Percent of students on free or reduced meals:

Cone Elementary                                                        95.40%

Elm Street Head Start                                              100%

Gillespie Park Elementary                                       95.16%

Hampton Elementary                                              95.80%

Irving Park Elementary                                            73.42%

Jefferson Elementary                                               64.87%

Jones Elementary                                                      57.06%

McElveen Head Start                                                100%

Metropolitan Head Start                                          100%

Peck Elementary                                                        97.11%

Poplar Grove Head Start                                          100%

Rankin Elementary                                                   95.60%

Ray Warren Head Start                                            100%

Shiloh Head Start                                                      100%

Wiley Elementary                                                      98.96%

Willow Oaks Head Start                                           100%

High Point Schools                                                      Percent of students on free or reduced meals:

Johnson Street Elementary                                       77.15%

Macedonia Head Start                                                100%

Montlieu Elementary                                                  94.30%

Northwood Elementary                                              85.84%

Oak Hill Elementary                                                   98.50%

Parkview Elementary                                                 98.33%

Staley Head Start                                                        100%

Union Hill Elementary                                              91.94%