33_20130627124015_1212960_smallAshton Wheeler Clemmons

Principal, Oak Hill Elementary School

BackPack Beginnings fills a critical need here at Oak Hill Elementary! Our school is 99% free or reduced lunch and many families struggle to make ends meet. BackPack Beginnings serves such a critical role in meeting the basic needs of many of our families by providing food to the children over the weekends. Students are excited to receive their food and look forward to it each Friday when the bags of food are distributed. Last year, one of our families, with three students receiving food, withdrew to change schools on a Thursday. The first grade little girl came in and said, “Mrs. Clemmons, can we have our food for one more weekend?” This is the difference YOU make, thank you for serving our school and community!

Written on 7/1/2013 by Blogger Ashton Wheeler Clemmons