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Angel is a fifth grader at Rankin who loves science, soccer, and dancing. She is a sweet girl with a wide smile that shines while she talks about how much happier she is since receiving BackPack Beginnings’ bag of food. Her favorite part, and the first thing she usually eats, is the cereal. She loves that she can give her mom the bag on Friday after school and then ask for her food all weekend.

Unfortunately, Angel has little else in her life she can count on. Her father is in jail, and she lives with her mom, her mom’s friend, her brother and her sister. Her mom’s boyfriend was also living with them until he was arrested for domestic abuse. Even though she is only 11, Angel has taken on the role of mother to her baby sister. She was even the one who read the baby books to get ready before the baby was born.

Angel has a lot of responsibility for someone so young and getting a bag of food at the end of every week is a welcome relief. She recognizes that though her mother works hard at her job at a grocery store, there is much she cannot provide. She understands that her mother gets “worried when there is no food” and she is proud to bring home her BPB bag.

Written on 6/24/2013 by Blogger Thea DeLoreto