2On the way to one of many basketball practices, the subject of Valentine’s Day came up. My youngest were excitedly discussing their parties at school, while William, nine years old and my oldest son, matter-of-factly stated that he was very glad that his class would not be celebrating Valentine’s Day because that would mean interacting with those….girls. Ewwww.

I explained to him that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romantic love (insert another ewwww). It can be a chance to show ANYONE you love them. I suggested he make ME a Valentine. And I would make him one. This solution seemed to satisfy him but he noted that he was sure glad there was no Valentine’s Dance (I didn’t even bother telling him he would feel differently one day).

BackPack Beginnings has decided to celebrate Valentine’s week by showing the love that we have for our volunteers. Without their hours, there is no way that we could have helped so many children fight hunger and trauma in the last five years. So here ya go, volunteers…if you have ever lended a hand to BPB, this list is for you.

Five reasons (of many) BPB loves you:

  1. For delivering over 1,300 bags of food each and every week during the school year, including weeks when we call you in early due to predicted snow.
  2. For showing us the love and care you have for children in need in our community through your kind words, time, donations and skills.
  3. For going through your closets and bringing us gently-used clothing items when our Clothing Pantry was running low.
  4. For helping us pack over 1,300 Comfort BackPacks annually with many items you collected and donated.
  5. For allowing us to stay 100% volunteer so we can give 94% of our donations back to the children we serve.

Happy Valentine’s Day Volunteers! We love and appreciate you!

Written on 2/9/2015 by Blogger Courtney Murphy