Many children in our schools are without proper clothing or school uniforms. The Clothing Pantry Program was opened in response to ongoing requests from social workers in need of appropriate clothing for the children they serve. Our pantries provide access to 100% free daily wear and Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD) clothing for children in Guilford County.


Over 113,781 clothing items distributed to date

Over 11,660 children served to date


Approximately 1,350 clothes distributed each month


Approximately 91 organizations served

The Need
  • We distribute an average of 1,450 clothing items per month to children in need.
  • 39 Guilford County Schools have a SMOD Dress Code that requires children to wear only approved clothing items to school. Without wearing proper SMOD clothing to school, children are disciplined.
  • On average our Clothing Pantry distributes 59% of clothes to Guilford County School children in need and 41% of clothes to children affected by homelessness and trauma.
Our Approach
  • We provide free clothing to needy children ages 0-17 in Guilford County.
  • Our pantry is operated at the BPB office during select shopping times for social workers to shop for children in need.
  • BPB stocks our pantry with gently used and new clothing items such as pants/shorts, shirts, sweaters, coats, dresses, socks and shoes. SMOD clothing includes pants/shorts, shirts, jumpers and dresses.
  • Our organization is 95% volunteer run. Our pantry is managed by the generous support of BPB volunteers.
How YOU Can Help

Your tax deductible donation can make an immediate and lasting impact for a child in need. DONATE TODAY!

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