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Eight years ago, I started BackPack Beginnings (BPB) because I wanted to help a few children in need in my community. I had no idea that a few boxes of food in my dining room and $8,000 from friends, family and neighbors would be the start of a multi-program organization that now serves over 7,000 children in need and continues to grow annually.

As a new mother, I knew the desire for wanting your child to be nurtured and their basic needs to be met. I couldn’t imagine the heartbreak for those families unable to meet those basic needs. So, I set out to make a difference by providing hungry children with food over the weekends. Now our backpack programs feed thousands of hungry children and comfort thousands more locally. In just 8 years, we have established programs in 74 organizations, including 52 schools and 22 child assistance organizations, and created a clothing pantry to cloth these children as well.

Through the generous support and time of over 200 monthly volunteers, BPB operates as a 95% volunteer organization. With support of local businesses, churches, foundations and community members, we are able to fund our operations and grow our reach to children in need. I am humbled by the growth of BPB and astounded by the ever-growing need among the children in our community. I hope you will join us as we serve children in need one backpack at a time.


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Founder/Volunteer Executive Director

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“Our Food and Comfort BackPacks make all the difference for a child facing a long weekend filled with hunger or a day shattered by a traumatic experience. By directly serving children in need, BPB makes a positive and lasting impact in their life.”

Volunteer Staff

Parker White, Founder/Executive Director

Lana Greenberg, Program Director

Allison Cochran, Development Director

Jill Hamilton, Accountant

Angie Burkey, Marketing Director

Stuart Grant, Food BackPack Program Chair for High Point

Andrea Brooks, Food BackPack Program Chair for Greensboro Elementaries

Kelly Cornett, Food BackPack Program Chair for Greensboro Head Starts

Kristen Alkire, Comfort BackPack Program Chair

Leigh Jones, Clothing Pantry Program Chair

Lynn Stanley, Assistant Clothing Pantry Program Chair

Brandi Wilkinson, Food Pantry Program Chair

Danielle Rattray, Neighborhood Drive Coordinator

Tessa Kirkpatrick, Fresh Food Program Chair

Sarah Solomon, Volunteer Coordinator

Ingrid Stum, Events Coordinator


Wendy Brewer, Administrative Assistant

Volunteer Board Members

Allison Cochran, Secretary

Jennifer Van Zant

Mindy Oakley

Parker White, President & Chair

Terry Jones